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Nearshore Fishing


Fish of all shapes and sizes call these waters home. Nearshore Gulf fishing trips are not deep sea fishing trips, but this has no impact on the quality or quantity of fish caught.


Don't miss out on the season!

Scallop season only lasts a couple of months, but during that time the Nature Coast draws visitors from all over the country seeking to fill their buckets with the succulent morsels.

Hot Spots

His GPS book is full of hot spots

Capt. Stacy Rodriguez was born and raised in the Tampa area. He passionately fishes the Gulf of Mexico and all of Hernando Pasco and Citrus Counties. With repeated successful outings, Rodriguez is the king of catching big grouper up to 30-pounds by either trolling or bottom fishing.

Sunset Tours

See a nature coast sunset

Imagine cruising the Nature Coast at Sunset as the dolphin play in the placid waters. Fishing Rods Charters is excited to introduce these sunset tours for those clients who enjoy the beauty of a tangerine sky and the tranquility of the sea at dusk .

Fishing the Nature Coast!

Low Pressure Fishing

Fishing on the Gulf Coast, specifically the "Nature Coast", is an adventure you won't forget. Being located off the beaten path allows for low pressure fishing spots away from the many overpopulated and congested parts of the state. This is one of the most action-packed and enjoyable fishing trips you can charter as a group or family.

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Nearshore Fishing

It's the grand fallacy of "offshore" fishing: The farther you go, the more you catch. No doubt, increasing your distance from shore may increase your opportunity level, but blasting more than 15 miles offshore from just about anywhere on the Gulf Coast guarantees only two things: You will burn a lot of fuel and you will pass over, or near, productive bottom fishing sites en route to the deep water.

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